In 1991, I have worked with Monsanto Company for a period of 21 years in various locations around the worlds serving different position and gaining a plethora of experience in the agriculture business.

In Summer of 2010, I have left Monsanto company and established RAYAL in partnership with Monsanto to exclusively distribute Crop Protection Products in Turkey and the Middle East. We are pleased to inform you that we are supplying the top high quality products from the following suppliers:

L'Emir Ayoubi

• Crop Protectiıon Products of Monsanto – Roundup Star (Liquid) and Roundup Max (Dry)
• Corn and sunflower seeds From RAGT Semences to improve the yield and productivity per Ha.
• Fertilizers from international sources of Grow More and ADOB and others
• Pesticides (Fungıicides, Insecticide, Acaricides) from Rotam to be used on various crops and vegetables

Rayal high commitment ıs to the safety of our employes and the community where we do operate and to brıng friendly products to the environment. Furthermore, Rayal wants to brıng added values to our customers by providing the best choices of crop protection products, seeds and fertilizers of high quality.

L’Emir Ayoubi