Features and advantages of the variety

  • FAO 700, 118 days RM silage corn hybrid.
  • Wide adaptation ability in all types of soils.
  • Tall hybrid with good root and stalk structure resistant to lodging.
  • On the row distance between two plant 16-18 cm recommended. 80.000-90.000 plant /ha.
  • Stay green at harvest.
  • Resistant to heat stress.
  • Ears with 16-18 kernel rows.
  • Rich in protein and energy content excellent. quality silage profile.
  • Highly tolerant to all fungal leaf disease.
All information related to our variety’s descriptions and performances are subject to various conditions (climate, nature, growing practice etc.) therefore, the recommendation should be adapted to your local agronomic conditions. We recommend that you contact your nearest Rayal representative to obtain different and more detailed technical information.
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